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 HamTimer Release Version 3.1.3

HamTimer 3 was written for Microsoft Windows.
It has been successfully run on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit) systems.

Why you should upgrade to Version 3:
Version 3 is much more accurate!
Unfortunately, Windows XP and earlier is no longer supported.
If you wish to run HamTimer on Windows XP, download version 2.3.

What? ANOTHER UTC clock application??? Well yes, let me explain...

HamTimer was written by WCEM (formerly WFGM) to:

HamTimer Screenshots

Main View showing the Alarm Clock feature enabled and set to activate at 7:00 PM as shown on the title bar.
The Local Time label is shaded to also indicate the Alarm Clock feature is active.
Also, a tool tip was added for Windows 10 users. Just hover your mouse over the Local Time label, and you will see the time the Alarm is set to.
Your Time Zone is shown in the status bar and in the screenshot above, you can see that the 10 minute ID Alarm will activate in 8 minutes and 29 seconds.
The WWV Reminder alarm is shown here to activate in 53 minutes and 44 seconds.
There is an Options window where all user preferences may be set. You can set the background color, each clock, and each clock label to any color you choose. All these options are saved automatically, so that your preferences load the next time that you run the program.

Perhaps you only want to view the UTC clock.
This is one of 5 views available to you from the View menu.

Here is a screen shot of the Options Window.
Here you have options for the ID Reminder, the WWV Reminder, Screen and Sound options, and also a tab to setup the Alarm Clock time.


On the Sound tab you can select which WAV file you want your sound system to play.
You may select a different sound for each of the alarms, and enable or disable each alarm.


This is a window available on the Tools menu.
Here you can select the UTC Hour that a contest begins for a conversion to your local time.


This is HamTimer's custom countdown timer.
It is a separate app bundled with HamTimer.
Here you can see that is will activate in 59 minutes and 55 seconds.

There is also a full Help file to read which will guide you through using the program.

Download a FREE copy of HamTimer 3 for your Amateur Radio Station!

Install File (10.5 MB)

Click Here

Please Read Installation Instructions Below
The installation instructions have changed!
You may download a text file with the instructions that appear below.

Uninstall any previous version of HamTimer before you install a newer version.
A new file format has been incorporated with HamTimer 3.
7-Zip is now required to unpack the installer.
After you download HamTimer 3, you will need to visit http://www.7-zip.org/

Step 1: Download HamTimer
Step 2: Download the 7-Zip Archiver utility for your system. Don't worry. It is COMPLETELY SAFE and FREE.
Step 3: Install the 7-Zip utility. It is best to right-click on the installer, and choose Run as administrator, otherwise just double-click on it.
Step 4: Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder that you have downloaded HamTimer to.
Step 5: Right-click on the HamTimer package file. In the popup menu, go to: 7-Zip > Extract here. This will create a folder called "DISK1".
Step 6: Open the new DISK1 folder.
Step 7: Right-click on setup.exe and choose: Run as administrator. Follow the prompts.




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